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High-success black bear hunt along the Peace River in northern Alberta near High Level

This hunt is operated by the only outfitter on 40 miles of the Peace River, where he offers a hunt from a new lodge. All his hunters since 2004 have filled their tags except for the odd hunter who just wanted to shoot one bear. He said he never sees any local hunters. You'll move by 16-foot boat to your bait site. Sizes are typically six feet on up, including a few record-class animals. He likes to take bowhunters. Hunting begins in May and runs through the first half of June.

Hunt BL5229
Hunt Price per person

6 day black bear hunt

$2,800 a person + $500 trophy fee for second bear
Hunter success Trophies
100% since 2004 on two bears per hunter except for the odd hunter who wanted just one bear. In 2006, for example, 8 hunters shot 15 bears, and the eight hunter took one and didn't want another. Only four hunters booked in 2007 due to a price increase dictated by a rise in gasoline costs. This hunt produces bears typically measuring six to seven feet square. The biggest bears so far have had large enough skulls to make the Boone and Crockett record book. Selective bowhunters have a good chance of taking a Pope and Young quality animal.
Methods Lodging
Blind hunting over baits.  Hunters reach most bait sites by 16-foot boat along the river 16x32 metal bunkhouse built in 2006. Also utilizes tents in some areas if customers prefer.
Licenses Area
Not included. Click here for the latest prices. 40 miles along the Peace River south of High Level, Alberta, which is about 500 miles north of Edmonton.
Travel Not included in hunt price
Most hunters fly to High Level, Alberta, where the outfitter picks them up Taxes, taxidermy, butcher fees, licenses, gun license, transportation between hunter's home and High Level, Alberta, Canada